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Seller and taxes .

Taxes are handled, calculated and paid independently by each Seller. Taxes rates depends and are governed by the Seller’s country of residence, you can collect your sales invoices through your Seller Dashboard or through your Stripe account.

How does a Seller get paid? and the Marketplace relies on the Stripe Secure Network to handle all the payments. This means that we do not handle payments directly, nor hold personal Users or Sellers , Bank/Credit Card information.For more information, please visit and read their Policies and Terms and Conditions .

How often will I get payed?

Payments are sent monthly, to avoid paying extra fees per transaction (Stripe). This ensures paying only 1 fee per month, instead of paying 4 fees if we were to pay weekly.

I applied as a seller, what’s next?

After you apply to be a seller with us, we will evaluate your application. If you get approved, we will send you an email with a Welcome message, login credentials and a few extra information to get your shop started straight away!.

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