2 Courses – 20 week Online Animation Course

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The package includes 2 courses – 16 weeks- at a discounted price!
  • ‘The Best Shot You’ve Ever Worked On’ – 10 week Online Animation Course
  • Photo-realistic Creatures in Movies – 10 Week Online Animation Course

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The package includes 2 courses – 20 weeks- at a discounted price!


‘The Best Shot You’ve Ever Worked On’ – 10 week Online Animation Course

Designed for those beginning their Animation Careers, students, Junior Animators and Intermediate Animators looking to break into high-end TV, film or high-end games, VFX Film or animated movies as the perfect supplementary course with precision in the following:

  • A dynamic and eye-popping demo-reel shot(s) that will grab the attention of audiences and Film Studio recruiters.
  • A creative and technical work methodology used in creating high quality animation for film and games.
  • To gain confidence from the tools and skill-set of a proven workflow to produce high-end Animation.

Photo-realistic Creatures in Movies – 10 Week Online Animation Course

Designed for those beginning their Animation Careers, students, Junior Animators and Intermediate Animators who want to specialise in high-end Visual Effects Films animating Photo realistic Characters or Creatures with precision in the following:

  • A highly detailed and photo realistic demo-reel shot(s) using a character or creature rig that resembles any hollywood movie.
  • A creative and technical work methodology involving high quality film footage with match moved Maya scenes used in creating high quality animation for film.
  • To gain confidence from the tools and skill-set of a proven workflow to produce high-end Animation.


The course level is not for absolute beginners in animation and computer graphics.

Students must have knowledge of the basic animation principles and must know how to use Maya proficiently.

If you are unsure of your skill level, feel free to contact us here  for a free consultation:

Griffin Academy information request form

..more package information :

The Package includes:

-A discounted price for purchasing both courses.
-16 weekly video chats and recordings of reviews with your teacher(or more depending on your uploads for review you can have more!)
-Access to 37 Video tutorials (At least 4 hours of learning videos)

Each week you will have access to unlock each new instructional video to help build your knowledge and skill set:

Class 1       Instructional videos:
Class 1.1       Storyboards, Animatics and posing.
Class 1.2       Uploading your footage to Syncsketch
Class 1.3       Selecting your keyposes
Class 2       Instructional videos:
Class 2.1       Create projects folder
Class 2.2       Reference Cam, char and Saving files
Class 2.3       Download storyboard with notes from Syncsketch
Class 2.4       Export an image sequence in Aftereffects
Class 2.5       Importing image sequence into Maya
Class 2.6       Stepped Keyposing workflow
Class 2.7       Blocking in a basic camera animation
Class 3       Instructional videos:
Class 3.1       Adding backgrounds
Class 3.2       Adding FX cards
Class 3.3       Camera:Rule of thirds
Class 3.4       Camera:Central framing
Class 3.5       Camera:Action leads camera
Class 3.6       Camera:Types of camera angles
Class 4        Instructional videos:
Class 4.1       Balanced Posing-Centre of Gravity
Class 4.2       Energy and Residual motion
Class 4.3       Spacing and Timing
Class 4.4       Uneven timing in your shot
Class 4.5       Blocking to Spline – Maya process
Class 5       Instructional videos:
Class 5.1       Designing Appeal
Class 5.2       Line of Action
Class 5.3       Zig Zag movements
Class 5.4       Animation analysis- Space Punch
Class 5.5       Follow Cam script
Class 5.6       Smear frames and action lines
Class 5.7       Anatomy of a punch
Class 6       Instructional videos:
Class 6.1       Tracking Arcs
Class 6.2       Tracking arcs with Ghosting script and Syncsketch
Class 6.3       Feet weight and Squish
Class 6.4       Body, chest and head overlap
Class 6.5       Alembic caching
Class 7       Instructional videos:
Class 7.1       Demo reel shots – selection
Class 7.2       Demo reel – Quality over Quantity
Class 7.3       Demo reel – Order and Flow of shots
Class 7.4       Demo reel – Edit and soundtrack

-3d FX (such as destruction, explosions etc)
-Access to the 2d FX library.
-Access to The Griffin Animation Academy community.
-Access to professional industry guest speakers and Animation webinars each month.
-Access to Top Talent Solutions–A recruitment firm to help you prepare for your job search.
-Discounts as a Griffin Animation Academy Alumni for reviews.


Each student that graduates at the end of the course gets a free hour with Top Talent Solutions recruitment agency to discuss topics on preparation for their job search such as how to write cover letters and resumes, building your LinkedIN profile and interview conversations with animation studios.

Visit here for more information.

..more on Griffin Animation Academy :

What to expect from GRIFFIN Animation Academy :

● A scheduled Skype/Zoom chat each week for discussion on progress, professional
feedback and any questions or concerns you have.
● Up to 3 times per week professional recorded feedback will be provided- detailed on ‘Syncsketch’
with annotations and notes.
● All work will be archived on SyncSketch with unlimited access to each student.
● Access to a GRIFFIN School Animation Mentor via the chat program ‘Telegram’ will
be accessible.
● 1 recorded detailed video at the end of each week providing professional feedback
and notes.
● A beautiful, dynamic and polished shot or shots for your demo-reel for use to apply
for jobs as a professional animator in film, high-end TV or games.
● Professional tips on how to use LinkedIN and demo-reel as a tool to reach out to
● Professional tips on how to structure your demo-reel for recruiters.

..more on Course Requirements :

Course Requirements :

Students considering enrolling in the 8 week course will need the following:
● A copy of Autodesk Maya for Animation / Students must be comfortable using Maya.
A free student version is available complete with a license.
● https://www.autodesk.com/education/free-software/maya
● Signup for a Syncsketch account for feedback and notes.
● Download ‘Telegram’ chat program for online communication.
● Download DISCORD and ZOOM software for video and live feedback discussions. Please test to
ensure that both audio and video are in working order before your first class.
● https://discordapp.com/
● A rig(s) to animate with.
● Students will need an active LinkedIN account, email address and social media
accounts for post course follow up.
**Please note: GRIFFIN Animation Academy do not provide a copy of Autodesk
Maya. A license from the Autodesk website is available. Rigs are not provided- free or paid rigs
available online.

A variety of free to use and purchasable rigs will be provided to the students to choose from .


Griffin Animation Academy

Our Mission at Griffin Animation Academy is to prepare animators by refining their technical and creative skills so they can work in the best animation studios in the world.

Our Vision is to lead the way in personalized VFX training for animation professionals looking to jump into exciting high end film careers.

Our Values encompass everything we do and believe in. We believe in offering our students the highest level of technical, creative and educational expertise through thoughtfully crafted courses with a clear outcome.

We strive to provide useful, hands-on lessons to allow students to create, learn, refine and ask important questions.

We believe in honest and open communication, and freedom of expression.

We provide only the highly skilled, talented and passionate educators who believe in our students potential, passion and creativity.

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2 reviews for 2 Courses – 20 week Online Animation Course

  1. Marcelo Munoz

    “Applying to Griffin Academy been the best decision of my career so far. It boosted my skill level in only 8 weeks and now I get to easily point out places where I need to improve and polish. Eddie is a great and fun instructor. At first, I thought I will have a hard time with communication and the project itself but I’m glad it turned out fun and a great learning experience. I’m very thankful to Griffin Animation Academy as it boosted not only my skills but also my confidence in the work that I do.”

  2. Hakob Muradyan

    “Hello. My name is Hakob Muradyan. I am from Armenia/Yerevan. I first fell in love with animation when I was 18 and since then I had a dream to work for animation studios like Disney, Dreamworks, Sony. If you are born in a small country like Armenia your chances to achieve those dreams are low. Then I heard about Griffin Animation academy which was a brand new academy for animators. I applied to learn there and now I realize that this was the best choice I’ve ever made in my career. I have learned more in 8 weeks at Griffin Animation Academy than the past 12 months trying to learn by myself. I’ve learned so much, thanks to my awesome mentor Eddie Chew. This academy is different. Here it’s not only about learning awesome things but motivation too. I gained so much knowledge and confidence that I started to believe in my dream again.I realize now that it’s not about the country you are born in, it’s about hard work, passion and confidence to never give up on your dreams. To conclude, here is my advice to you all– If you want to become an awesome animator, take part in incredible projects and fall in love with animation, then this is the place for you. “

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Shipping Policy

No shipping is required. Once payment is made, the Mentor will Contact you directly with a simple to follow startup package. Including in the package is the full course information, Course syllabus , Email with instructions on what you need to prepare for the class. Prior to the start date the mentor will setup a 1-to-1 video call to welcome you to Griffin Animation Academy and provide further instructions for course commencement.

Refund Policy

Unfortunately at this time we do not offer a refund once the payment is made.

Cancellation / Return / Exchange Policy

Unfortunately there is no refund, exchange or cancellation policy once payment is made. We can accommodate re-scheduling of start dates.

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