1 Video Critique – Animation Shot/Reel critique


1 Video Critiques

The Package includes:
-1 personalized video recordings of feedback. (Around ~20 min per video critique).
Ideal help to progress on your animated shot or as general feedback for your animation demoreel.

Shots and demoreel feedback are provided by animation professionals currently working in the Film industry.

( Griffin Animation Academy has currently available Senior , Leads and Supervisor level animators, available for critiques )



1 Video Critique – Animation shot/Reel critique.



This course is ideal for animators of all levels, beginners to more advanced.

Students must have basic knowledge of a 3d software of choice .

(We recommend the use of Autodesk Maya, but any software is welcome)

If you are unsure of your skill level, feel free to contact us here  for a free consultation:

Griffin Academy information request form

The Package includes:
-1 personalized video recordings of feedback . (Around ~20 min per video critique)


..more on Griffin Animation Academy :

What to expect from Griffin Animation Academy:

● 1 professional recorded feedback will be provided with annotations and notes.
● All work will be archived on Sync Sketch with provided unlimited access to each student.
● The feedback provided are ideal for pushing your animation skills to the next level .

Shot feedback are provided by animation professionals currently working in the Film industry.

( Griffin Animation Academy has currently available Senior , Leads and Supervisor level animators available for critiques )

..more on the feedback requirements :

Students considering the 1 video critiques will need the following:

● An animated shot for which they want to get a specific critique or a video Demoreel to get one general critique on.

(For a specific shot help, any stage of animation is welcome, Layout, Blocking, FirstPass, etc.)
● Signup for a Syncsketch account for feedback and notes.
● A rig(s) to animate with.



Griffin Animation Academy

Our Mission at Griffin Animation Academy is to prepare animators by refining their technical and creative skills so they can work in the best animation studios in the world.

Our Vision is to lead the way in personalized VFX training for animation professionals looking to jump into exciting high end film careers.

Our Values encompass everything we do and believe in. We believe in offering our students the highest level of technical, creative and educational expertise through thoughtfully crafted courses with a clear outcome.

We strive to provide useful, hands-on lessons to allow students to create, learn, refine and ask important questions.

We believe in honest and open communication, and freedom of expression.

We provide only the highly skilled, talented and passionate educators who believe in our students potential, passion and creativity.

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Unfortunately at this time we do not offer a refund once the payment is made.

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